Eat Celery Everyday for 7 Days and See What Will Happen To Your Body

Celery is an amazing food which helps you to maintain your health; it is a rich source of vitamins and minerals it helps to maintain levels of cholesterol and blood pressure. Celery has also anti-inflammatory properties.

1 Strengthens immune system

Celery is a great source of vitamin C it boosts the immunity of the body celery has antioxidants due to which the immune system becomes more efficient eating it regularly can help you to fight against diseases.

2 Reduce blood pressure

Celery helps to control the high blood pressure, celery actually has thoug light which is an organic chemical compound it reduces the level of stress hormones therefore celery helps the blood vessels to get open which leads to reduced blood pressure.

3 Antiseptic properties

Celery helps to eliminate the uric acid it helps to reduce the problems related to urination so it is wonderful in case of cystitis kidney problems and other bladder related issues.

4 Arthritis pain

Celery has anti-inflammatory properties this property helps in the case of arthritis as a result it helps to soothe the pain and decreases the swelling around the joints.

5 Make the liver healthier

Celery has an amazing impact on the health of your liver even in the ancient Egypt civilization celery was in use widely to maintain the health of the liver so eating celery every day for seven days will do this to your body.

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