5 science pact health benefits of running

1 Running makes you happy

Cardiovascular exercises such as running are bound to uplift your mood more than others in fact just 30 minutes of running can alleviate someone who’s been suffering from a major depressive disorder according to the Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine studies have also revealed that it helps people suffering from clinical depression as well.

2 Running enhance your cognition

Whether you’re suffering from a writer’s block or want to enhance your focus or better your multitasking skills running can get all your creative juices flowing one study revealed that aerobic activity can boost your creativity for two hours following exercise another study published in the frontiers in human neuroscience revealed that running help in forming more intricate connections in your brain which is missing from the brains of sedentary individuals.

 3 Good for the heart

Research suggests that running can not only help the functioning of your heart but reduce cardiovascular risks associated with it all you need is a 30-minute brisk walk for five days a week to reap the innumerable benefits it gives your heart including protecting it.

4 Running ads years to your life span

While research such as one published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests you are twice as likely to die of diseases due to lack of exercise research reveals that running can add years to your life a study published in progress in cardiovascular disease revealed that just an hour of running can increase your lifespan by seven years this could result in adding years to your life if you run consistently over a period of time.

5 Running reduces your risk of developing cancer and other diseases

Running has proven to prevent but not cure cancer a large review in the journal of nutrition revealed that exercise in general can lower the risk of certain cancers in fact the National Cancer Institute reveals the running can in fact reduce the risk of colon and breast cancer furthermore research also reveals that 30 minutes or more of aerobic exercise can further reduce the chances of people dying from any exercise so these are the five science packed health benefits of running.

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